Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Wedding Jewelry 101

Choosing the perfect jewels to adorn your bridal look can be tough. Should you stay classic with pearls or go with diamonds? Should you try a vintage style or shoot for a modern look? There are endless options when it comes to wedding day jewelry and I’ve got a few tips to help you out.
  1. Take direction from your dress. You want your wedding day jewelry to go with your gown so use it for inspiration. If your dress is more vintage looking, you might want to stick with pieces that have a similar vintage feel. If your gown is modern, go with sleek jewelry with clean lines.
  2. Be sentimental. Your wedding jewelry is a perfect area to get your something old or something borrowed. Does your grandma have a beautiful piece of jewelry you love? See if she’ll let you wear it. Chances are she will be honored and thrilled.
  3. Don’t spend a lot of money. Yes, it’s your wedding day but don’t feel like you have to spend tons of money when it comes to your jewelry. There are plenty of costume jewelry pieces out there that look absolutely stunning and won’t break the bank. Trust me, you won’t be able to tell the difference in pictures.
  4. Shop around. Look at a few places before deciding which pieces to go with. Department stores are a great place to look for pretty costume jewelry. My wedding jewelry came from Anthropologie and J. Crew, so you never know where you’ll find it!
  5. Be yourself. If you don’t normally wear jewelry, keep your look understated and simple. You don’t need to throw on a statement necklace if it’s not you. Stick to what makes you feel both comfortable and beautiful!

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Eliminate The Risk In Online Jewelry Purchases

When buying anything online you may feel you are putting yourself at risk; this is especially true when it comes to online jewelry purchases. Jewelry purchases can be made with very little risk online with the following crucial pieces in place.

When looking to make a jewelry purchase online first check to make sure the site you are buying from offers a secure checkout.  Look for a SSL encryption or certificate upon checking out.  If you can’t find one or are unsure you can call to speak with the company.  A reputable company will have a quality website with employees available to take your phone calls and answer questions about their products as well as their website check out process. A professional and reputable online jeweler will have a specialized shopping cart in place with proper identification so that buyers know they are secure when checking out.

What is the online reputation of the jeweler?  Do a thorough review on the Internet into the company as well as with the Better Business Bureau.  Check any and all reviews.  Another good tip is to look at the about us section on the company’s website.  Many local, small town jewelers are expanding to the web.  These jewelers can offer you lower prices, superior quality but don’t have the money to advertise with glitz and glamour.  This does not make them less reputable than big box companies, if anything you may receive better service because they have a smaller number of clients to make happy.

Find out about the companies return policy and warranties offered.  The price of the piece should not be a concern at all when it comes to the companies warranty and return policy.  If a return needs to be processed are you limited to store credit or will you get a complete and full return of the purchase price?  Is there a restocking fee? Stones and jewelry settings should come with at least a five year warranty.  A solid product warranty, in my opinion, equals a solid company to purchase online from.

If you are looking into purchasing gemstones or diamonds you will want to find out as much information about the piece as possible.  You should have information such as the cut, color, clarity and carat weight as well as who they use to grade their stones.  Check to make sure that the stones are procured through legal sources.  If this is not clearly stated on the site you may want to call and check with the company.  It is important that you are not buying stones that are illegally being sold.  You also want to make sure the person grading the quality of the gemstone or diamond is reputable.

Purchasing jewelry online might take a bit more time and research than going to a big box store.  The benefit is in the cost savings and convenience that is gotten from purchasing jewelry online.  If you find an online company that you are drawn to but still feel uneasy about purchasing online call them.  Many online jewelers have local store fronts and would be just as happy to deal with you via phone, email and if the chance arises in person.  

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Basic Lessons In Caring For Jewelry

Properly caring for jewelry is something that many people struggle with.  When it comes to wearing, cleaning, repairing, storing and shipping jewelry these tips will benefit your pieces no matter how much or how little they cost; the value of jewelry is the value your heart places on it.
The Basics In Wearing Jewelry
When it comes to wearing your favorite pieces of jewelry take care when performing everyday tasks.  When you are performing manual tasks such as cleaning the house or changing the oil in your car wearing your jewelry leads to exposure to harsh chemical s and physical damage.  It is better to remove your jewelry before many everyday physically demanding tasks.  It is also important that when applying makeup and playing sports that you safely store your jewelry.  Makeup, perfume and lotions can damage the appearance of jewelry.  In sports your pieces could become damage or even cause damage to your or another player.  It is best to avoid wearing jewelry when participating in sports.

Correctly Cleaning Jewelry Pieces  

For the longest time cleaning jewelry meant I would wear it into the shower.  This is the exact opposite of cleaning your jewelry.  Soap and chemicals in shampoos can harm jewelry.  When cleaning jewelry it is found that a homemade cleaning solution or one purchased from your jeweler are the best options.  Be careful not to soak the pieces for too long and be gentle when cleaning settings and stones.  Using a polishing cloth can be helpful as well as they prevent film build up and are free of loose strings and threads that accompany many towels.  Another tip is to always rise the piece in warm water.  Hot water can cause certain types of metal to tarnish. When cleaning each piece check for any damage that has occurred.  A detailed inspection can prevent the loss of a treasured heirloom.

Reputable Jewelry Repair

You should be confident in the jewelry check in procedure upon dropping off your piece for repair.  Make sure they document each piece with a detailed description and that they do an inspection of gemstones and diamonds.  The same documents should be matched up with the documentation you have when picking the pieces up after repair.  Ask friends and neighbors for a referral based on previous jewelry repairs they were happy with.  When you meet with the jeweler that will be repairing your piece determine if it will be sent out or if the piece is repaired in house.  In house jewelry repair is always the safest option.

Storing Jewelry For Safe Keeping

Storing your jewelry when you are not wearing it is as important as any step in the process of owning and caring or jewelry.  Keep your pieces in a secure, organized location.  To prevent jewelry from tarnishing you can place anti tarnish strips in your jewelry box that will help collect any extra moisture and oxidants to help to prevent a build up from occurring.  It is also advisable that all jewelry that is being stored be inventoried in detail with pictures and documentation.  This is helpful if your jewelry is ever stolen.  It will be simple to see what pieces are missing based on your documentation. 

Shipping Jewelry Safely

When you are shipping jewelry it is essential to use more than one box.  Never ship jewelry in only the box it comes in.  A piece should be secured in a jewelry holder and placed in an otter padded shipping box.  Padding should be added to prevent the inside box from moving at all.  All jewelry shipped should be documented properly and insured.  All boxes that contain jewelry should be secured well with tape.  The receiver should always have to sign for the package.  Never allow a shipper to leave boxes without it being signed off on.  If possible eliminate any wording on the box that refers to what the contents are inside the box.  All labels referring to jewelry should be removed prior to shipping.

The tips above will help you in the future when it comes to all the faucets involved in protecting your jewelry pieces. 

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