Thursday, December 12, 2013

Purchase The Perfect Gift For Your Loved One

Christmas is right around the corner.  With holidays comes the stress of what to purchase for your significant other.  This stress is felt by so many couples.  Men tend not to think too deeply and therefore purchase something that is insulting or impractical as a gift.  While women tend to think of items that they would want, this is not exactly what a man wants as a gift.  A gift is supposed to be something impractical that one would not purchase for themselves.  You want to get an item that they will adore, something that shows them how much you think of them and what they mean to you.  

Here is a guide that will help you shop without purchasing an insulting or impractical gift for your lady. 


No matter what she says she needs for the kitchen or house in general appliances are a terrible gift idea. Blenders, knives, toasters and mixers are all items that should be bought as a gift to the house not to your significant other.  Items that will be used by both of you are not usually a good bet as a gift to another person, especially when the purchase involves them preparing a meal for you for you or cleaning your joint home.

Cleaning Supplies

This falls in line with the above.  A vacuum, carpet cleaner or window washer is all items that tell your spouse you are unhappy with how clean the house is.  Again, don’t ever bring one of these homes on Christmas, an anniversary or even a hallmark holiday like sweetest day.  They are not meant to be given as a gift to a spouse but rather a gift to your home for both of you to use.  Never tell a woman I bought you something and walk in with a vacuum.  Instead say I bought something that we can both use around the house to make cleaning easier.  Guarantee the results you will see with the second phrase are far better than the first. 

Candles, Lotions and Bath Stuff

Let’s face it, purchasing a candle, lotion or items for the bath basically screams I put zero thought into this gift.  These are everyday items that she will purchase for herself and your home.  This is a cop-out gift.  It tells her you could think of nothing else and were in a last minute bind so you copped out.  

Cheap Perfume

Never is it okay to go into a convenience store to purchase your significant other perfume.  If you are not purchasing perfume from a boutique or department store then it most likely does not need to be purchased.  Women love to smell good which cheap fragrances do not.  A reputable perfume will start at around fifty dollars for a few ounces.  A great way to figure out a scent that you both enjoy is to take her to the mall one day and pass by the perfume counter and test out a few fragrances.  She will never suspect a thing but may get a few ideas of what you like as well.  

Fake Diamonds and Cheap Jewelry

Diamonds and jewelry given as a gift should always be the real thing.  Women can spot a fake a mile away.  Anything fake is best not given as a gift. This is a huge hint men.  Don’t pass off handbags, jewelry or gemstones as the real thing it will come back to bite you.  Holidays are the perfect time to give a gift that you have invested time and money into when it comes to jewelry.  Charm bracelets, watches and necklaces are always a favorite for women. Consider her taste in metal and stones and purchase something from a reputable jeweler that she won’t be able to put down on Christmas morning.  Jewelry that has special meaning to the two of you will be a sure favorite for years to come. 

Consider yourself armed with knowledge now and head on out to find the perfect gift for your spouse this holiday season!  A little thought, a lot of romance and sensitivity equals one well played gift and one lucky gift receiver (and giver).

Monday, November 25, 2013

Everything from the Perfect Ring to the Perfect Proposal

Every engagement ring and engagement ring setting should be as unique as the women receiving it. Choosing a ring, setting and stone option is not easy especially when you are looking for something to encase exactly how you feel about the recipient. An engagement ring is a very personal gift to give and to receive. When shopping for a ring you will want to make sure that you are taking into consideration the likes and dislikes of your soon to be (hopefully) fiancé. When searching for a unique option for your bride to be look at the pieces of jewelry that she already wears on a regular basis. This is a great way to start creating a life together. 

Not only is the engagement ring important, the perfect proposal is sure to solidify a "yes" response from the most important question you will ask in your entire life, "Will you marry me?" As sure as we are that you have some great ideas of your own here are a few more ideas and tips to create a moment and ring that are as unique as she is.

The first step in planning the perfect proposal is the perfect location to make your engagement incredibly special for your bride-to-be. Consider a location that fits her. If she is quiet and shy a public proposal is probably the not best option for you. So even if you are an extrovert and you want a huge hoopla really consider who you are proposing to first and for most. Find a location that suits her and syncs with her personality.

One idea is to think back to the very first moment you met or the minute you knew that she was the one. Those are two perfect locations to start considering when determining the exact location that you will pop the question and begin the rest of your lives together.

For the romantic bride-to-be consider a proposal that centers on a restaurant that you both are fond of. It could be a first date restaurant, a dive you both enjoy, or an elegant restaurant you went to for a special event whatever location you choose make the moment something she will never forget. Plan ahead and make the staff co-conspirators in this life changing event in your lives. 

If your fiancé isn't quite into the restaurant scene yet the two of you share a common hobby or activity that you enjoy together you can integrate them in your proposal. If you are runners, skiers, have a fondness for animals or enjoy playing games together take the idea and turn it into a proposal opportunity she will not forget. 

Not only does the proposal have to be something she will never forget but the ring she will wear everyday from the proposal forward has to be stunning. The ring has to be perfect for her. So when choosing a ring doesn’t consider what anyone else would like only consider her. Express how much you love and care for her when selecting something specific for her. Not every bride-to-be wants a diamond solitaire gold ring. You have to be a super sleuth in the creating a custom engagement ring for her. 

Consider the type of jewelry that she wears every day. If she adores white gold don't buy her yellow gold. That really shows her that you took time to acknowledge her taste in metal jewelry. Diamonds are the typical stone set in engagement rings however; if your bride-to-be is not into diamonds don't think you have to purchase a diamond engagement ring. 

The only thing that matters when it comes to the proposal and ring in any engagement is the two of you and creating your perfect beginning. Make the events of your proposal and her ring something she will want to share with the generations to come.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Perfect Engagement Ring Setting

Choosing an engagement ring setting is not an easy task.  With all of the options available the decision is one that often becomes quite overwhelming.  Knowing the options available and the types of ring setting that exist is half the battle.  Once you are familiar with the options and choices that are available the tricky part is finding one that will be perfect for your soon to be fiance.  Below is an outline of basic engagement ring settings and will help guide you along the way in choosing the best option for your best friend.

If you are looking into something classic that is ageless and has been around the longest there is no better option than the solitaire setting.  Solitaire engagement rings are traditional and are simple.  The setting does not take anything away from the beauty of the center diamond.  When you have spent time selecting the perfect diamond and find it flawless in every way this setting will be the perfect addition.  It will allow the center diamond to be the focal point.

Adding side stones to a classic solitaire engagement ring setting takes the setting up a notch.  Side stones add a bit of sparkle and extra glamor.  Most often the side stones are diamonds however don’t feel limited by what is the usual.  This is a unique and special piece of jewelry that you will only offer to one person.  Make decisions based on what you know she will love.

Another option that has become increasingly popular is the three stoned engagement ring setting.  The stones are said to represent the past, present and future of your relationship.  This is a sure way to get tears when working the reasons you choose this setting into the proposal.  What women doesn’t melt when you talk about the wonderful past you have had filled with countless memories, the time now you are accruing new memories and all the future times you will have if she says yes!

A tension engagement ring setting is for the trend setting bride.  This setting holds the stone in place without using prongs.  The stone is held in place by creating tension between the stone and metal.  This type of setting is mostly seen in custom jewelry pieces.

Channel engagement ring settings are perfect for women who like the look of a band and not simply a diamond.  This type of setting appears to have a channel dug into the band where stones are placed on either side of the main diamond.  This is a great option for athletic, active women in that the ring is simple on the bottom.  This alleviates the extra worry about stones becoming damaged.

You can see there are so many different options in engagement ring settings.  By doing a little outside research and by listening to the hints your love is giving you the ring you choose will most likely be an obvious choice.  Choose something that is not only elegant and will take her breath away but also takes into consideration her comfort and lifestyle.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Purchase Of Your First Pearls

I have always had a deep affinity for pearls.  To me they are a signature piece and signify grace, elegance, sophistication and all things right and proper in the world.  It wasn’t until I was 27 that I was given my first pearls.  I had longed for them for so long but being a woman of modest means and becoming a mother I never allowed the extra funds to make the purchase.  My husband, sneaky devil, knew just how much a pair of pearl earrings meant to me and found a way to purchase them on my 5th mother’s day.  They are exquisite and they are mine! 

If you are like me and interested in owning a set or pearl earrings, a string of pearls to wear around your neck or a fabulous necklace including a pearl pendant there is a lot to know when choosing the perfect pearl much like there is when purchasing a diamond.  Below I will give you a brief understanding of what you are looking for when choosing a perfect pearl for yourself or someone you love.

First you should know there are two types of pearls, natural and cultured.  Most pearls for sale today are cultured which in laymen’s term means that a person has had a hand in the pearls creation.  They are grown in a controlled environment be pearl farmers.  While natural pearls are created in nature without any nurturing or assistance by human hands.  A natural pearl is quite rare however when they are found they are harvested, cleaned and made into jewelry.  The pearls my husband purchased for me are cultured as are most pearls you will find in stores today.

The variation of pearls today is also quite different from yester years.  In the past the Japanese Akoya was virtually the only variation in pearl.  Today you will find Freshwater pearls, South Seas white, Tahitian black and South Seas golden pearls.  My pearl earrings are Japanese Akoya.

Most often pearls are treated to help improve upon their color.  Of course this is all personal opinion but I believe the natural color of the pearl is the most beautiful.  Mine have been dyed.  Most are.  If your pearls look to good to be true it is safe to assume they have been irradiated to look that way. 

Pearls are most often round.  An odd shaped pearl is known as a baroque and are quite beautiful in their own way.  If the baroque pearl has good luster, is scratch and crack free a modern look can be created turning the pearl into something different, a young, modern hip version of itself.

Pearls are like diamonds in the sense that flaws occur and with flaws should be discounted.  A flawed pearl should never cost the same as a perfect pearl.  If the pearl has dimples, scratches or cracks it is imperfect and should be highly discounted to reflect that.  Finding a piece with scratches at a discount is a great way to give a gift for a young child as a starter pair of pearls.  From the distance they are being viewed no one will see the imperfections and the cost is one in which if the earrings are misplaced as things often are with teens you will not be out a ton of money.  

When choosing a pearl with color the color itself is irrelevant when it comes to price unlike diamond jewelry.  The color should be attractive when placed against the skin of the person wearing it.  The color in your pearls should come alive when placed on the skin of the wearer.  My pearls are a cream color and compliment my skin tone and hair coloring. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Tips for Choosing Men's Jewelry

Men's jewelry and accessories are always a bit trickier than women's. If a women over accessorizes she is eccentric when a man over does the jewelry and accessories he sticks out like a sore thumb. When choosing jewelry for the men in your life consider the following tips. Men can wear jewelry and still maintain their masculine look.

1) There should be a reason to all men's jewelry

Most men don't wear jewelry for the look. Usually jewelry will have a sentimental value or be a status symbol. Before purchasing pieces consider what purpose or value the piece will hold to the male recipient. Important life events are usually symbolized with jewelry and for men this is no different. Marriage is symbolized with wedding bands, belief in faith is symbolized with a cross pendant and often times the birth of a child is symbolized with a piece that includes the gemstone of the baby's birth such as cuff links.

2) Mr. T went out with the eighties

Less is more when it comes to men and jewelry. Only Mr. T could get away with gold chains encompassing his entire chest. Gold jewelry should be purchased and worn in a complimentary fashion for the men in your life. When considering the purchase of gold necklace for your man take into consideration the size of his neck and where the chain will lay.

3) Compliment your current style

If the man in your life is a bit more artsy he can probably get by wearing a few pieces that compliment the look. Some rugged pieces layered in a necklace or bracelet would work for him. However if he is more clean cut and has a pulled together, proper look simple platinum piece may work better.

4) If unsure, forget it

If the man in your life is uncomfortable with wearing jewelry don't push him. When you are not in your comfort zone it will show. Each piece of jewelry should be an extension of who you are.

5) Practicality is a good choice in men's jewelry

Watches are a great option when in doubt regarding a jewelry purchase for the man in your life. It is also a way to exemplify status and convey wealth. Watches also help convey the message that a man is confident and in a position of power.

6) Sentiment in rings

Celebration of an event is a classic reason to purchase a piece of jewelry. Wedding bands, class rings and fraternity rings all have a sentimental value and can be worn by men without looking over the top. Just make sure that they are worn in moderation. A man wearing a hand full of rings looks like Mr. T not a classy entrepreneur.

Men's jewelry is a tricky purchase. Be sure to consider the man in your life when choosing a piece. Cuff links, tie tacks and watches are perfect for men that wear a suit and tie every day while not as practical as the man who is tearing cars down on a daily basis. Of course, if your purchase is not viewed with excitement on the man's behalf don't be hurt; take the jewelry back and move to a purchase that better suits your man.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Finding The Right Diamond Cut

When men are seeking out the perfect engagement ring one thing they are after is a perfect shaped ring for their beautiful fiancé to be. A classic diamond is thought to be round, brilliant and a kaleidoscope of stunning aspects that bring allure to the eye.

Although this is true there is a lot more to diamonds than most people choosing one know, including that they come in a variety of shapes. Although traditionally diamonds are round and that shape is considered the most popular that is hardly it when it comes to the majestic diamond.

Round Diamonds

A round shape diamond is the shape people first think of when considering purchasing a diamond. Many engagement ring settings are specially designed to be paired with a classic solitaire diamond. This is why round diamonds account for over seventy-five percent of all diamonds sold now a days. Solitaires are cut to maximize the crown, girdle and pavilion and are calibrated to allow the most intensity and brightness that the diamond has to offer. This is a favorable option when choosing a diamond for a very traditional bride to be.

Oval Diamonds

Oval diamonds are equally as beautiful to the classic solitaire. Ovals are perfectly symmetrical and look wonderful on women with small hands or shorter fingers. It allows the hand to appear elongated.

Marquise Diamonds

A marquise is a long shaped diamond with points at the end and is said to be inspired by the smile of Marquise de Pompadour. A marquise diamond is beautiful when paired with smaller solitaire diamonds that enhance the unique and distinct pointed shape of the diamond.

Pear Shaped Diamonds

This shaped diamond combines the beautiful elements of both the oval shaped and marquise shaped diamonds. The pear is oval at the base and is pointed at the top and gives the appearance of a tear drop. It compliments small to average sized hands. Many pear shaped diamonds are used as pendants and earrings.

Heart Shaped Diamonds

Talk about romantic! A heart shaped diamond is one of the most difficult diamonds to produce and takes an extremely skilled diamond cutter to assure an even shape and well defined outline. For a true romantic this is the most perfect choice in diamond shapes.

Emerald Cut Diamonds

An emerald cut diamond is cut in the shape of a rectangle with round cut corners. When it comes to selecting an emerald cut diamond pay particular attention to the clarity and cut. In this shape the flaws of the diamond are more pronounced therefore to choose one that is of the quality you wish for an engagement ring stone it takes a great deal of diamond knowledge.

Princess Cut Diamonds

This is a square cut diamond that is cut with an enhanced number of facets to improve upon the brilliance and sparkle of the stone. This stone is beautiful on many different sized hands but is exceptional for those with long fingers.

Diamond cutters are still coming up with new shapes as we speak. Some cutters take classic designs and improve upon their brilliance. The shape you choose to propose with will be determined by personal preference and your spin on what your bride to be desires.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tips On Purchasing Wedding Bands


One of life's most meaningful events is your wedding day. The day you marry that one person that will always be with you, fighting the battles good and bad. The one piece of jewelry that symbolizes it all is your wedding bands, the promise of never-ending devotion. The stress that comes along with the wedding is enough so choosing a wedding band should be one of the fun and joyous parts. Below you will find some easy tips to help you and your partner find the perfect wedding bands. 

The first tip is to narrow the choices down to just a few pieces. Wedding rings/bands are one of the few, if not the only piece of jewelry that you will shop for together and wear every day. There are some choices you need to make together before you hit the jewelry stores. Decide upon a metal that you can both love forever. Do you like yellow or white metals? Do you like something simple, classic or something that says something, a statement? 

Don't wait till the last minute to shop for wedding bands. Start sooner than later so that you don't end up settling in the end. Once you have discussed the basics above start heading out to stores to get a feel for rings. Another place to look is online. Online jewelry retailers can often afford to offer lower costs because their overhead is not as large as chain stores. Research, browse, budget and examine pieces that you are considering several times before making a final decision.

Another thing to remember is that wedding bands don't have to match. The groom can choose yellow while the bride wears platinum. The rules regarding wedding pieces don't exist anymore. Brides need to consider their engagement rings if they would like to wear the two pieces together. Consider having one element or aspect that matches on the rings that bring them together. Consider an inscription or having the rings engraved with the same verse or saying. 

Consider the budget that has been set aside for the wedding and wedding jewelry. The choice of metal and details will depend upon your budget. Consider the budget especially if you would like custom wedding jewelry. Custom designs and intricate pieces will cost more. If you have a low budget consider simple matching bands for now and later on down the road when you are ready to renew those vows consider an upgrade. 

Think practically when considering a wedding band/ring. Seriously a pretty piece will bring you no value if it is uncomfortable to wear and needs to be removed often. The band is to be worn all day, every day. If you work day in and day out with your hands consider that something simple might hold up better during your day to day life. 

Although trendy pieces are okay make sure to think about the piece and how it will look in the future. Is this going to be a piece you will want to wear in fifteen years? Do you ever look at the jewelry that is being worn by the elder women in your family and instantly can date the piece back to the decade they were married in? This is just one more thing to think about when purchasing your wedding band and ensuring the piece holds up to the longevity of the bond you are embarking on.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What To Know When Buying Jewelry

When buying anything research is the best way to guarantee that you are getting what you are paying for. Jewelry is one of those items that people only purchase once in awhile so research is necessary to ensure you are getting what you pay for and are overpaying for what you are getting.

Like cars and homes, jewelry is one of those items that you can bargain with the seller as many times there is wiggle room in the price. Jewelry products purchased from many retail locations can be guaranteed to be marked up over one hundred percent. Inventory on jewelry does not turn over nearly as fast as inventory in other retail settings because of this the mark up is higher. Many retail locations will advertise a fifty percent off sale but note like with furniture sales many times the product gets marked way up over cost to be able to be "marked down". One way to avoid paying huge markups is to purchase jewelry online. Purchasing jewelry online can help consumers avoid increase markups.

There are ways to cut costs when looking for the perfect piece of diamond jewelry. We will use the purchase of an engagement ring as an example for our purposes. If you know what you are looking for when it comes to the style your bride to be will adore for a lifetime then buying the diamond is a whole lot easier.

When considering the four Cs of diamonds it is important to note that a diamond can only be graded while it is upside down. How many times do you think someone will have your bride to be taking off her ring so they can scope out the color or clarity of the stone you purchased? None trust me here unless your father-in-law to be is a jeweler of course. I always say the most important of the four Cs of diamond shopping is the cut because once the stone is set no one will be able to tell from your finger the color or clarity of your stone. The cut however is important as it will determine how the piece will catch the light. A well cut stone will reflect light at every angle and give the piece a sparkle every bride adores.

Another thing to keep in mind when buying any piece of jewelry is the size of the stone. Think about it; what is the first thing that people ask when looking at your jewelry? What carat size is that? Diamonds and many other stones are pricier when they hit the magic number of 1.00. If you are looking to purchase a beautiful piece but at a slightly less expensive rate consider a stone that is .96 carats. To the naked eye no one will be the wiser however your pocket book will notice the difference.

Purchasing jewelry online can save you a bundle as well. Be sure when purchasing from an online retailer to consider the tips above and also make sure you are purchasing from a reputable establishment. A lot of times purchasing jewelry online can be done at a fraction above the wholesale price saving you a bundle.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Intrigue of Black Diamonds

When people think of diamonds they usually visualize a crystal clear, sparkling diamond. Many people have in their minds that diamonds are supposed to be solitaires and never think about other cuts of diamonds let alone consider the different colors available for them. Black diamonds are a beautiful option for nontraditional engagement rings or jewelry in general.

Black diamonds are enhanced diamonds that have been treated with radiation to make their color come out black in appearance. When viewed under normal lights the diamonds appear black however when observed under fiber-optic light the interior of the stone is visible where you will actually see the stone is a very dark green. That dark green color is only seen in diamonds where radiation has been used to enhance the coloring.

Natural black diamond, which are less common are not treated and the black coloring comes from graphite inclusions. Usually natural black diamonds are opaque in color and remain very fragile and difficult for jewelers to work with. They are super delicate and polishing and finishing the diamond can be tricky.

When looking for black diamond pieces to add to your collection you should consider enhanced black diamond's over "natural" black diamonds. The piece will stand up to the test of time and is still considered a genuine diamond to the world of jewelers. Black diamond's that are set with contrasting clear "white" diamonds are absolutely stunning and classic. Black diamonds are becoming super popular. It is a gemstone that is rich in color and presence.

Black diamonds in custom pieces is becoming more common as well. Pearls and diamonds will always remain classic choices and will preserve through the ages. Black diamond's added to classic pieces update jewelry from collections that have been passed through the ages. The combinations of white or black pearls with black diamonds are some of my favorite combinations. Pair this with white gold and I find it hard to go wrong. Jewelry pieces of this combination are absolutely stunning.

When selecting a piece of jewelry for you or for someone else as a gift the main thing to think about is the person themselves. Some people never wear dark pieces and are only attracted to colorful gemstones. For them black diamond's might not appeal or need to be consider for an occasion piece. This way the receiver of the present will not feel the pressure that can come with pieces of jewelry. The last thing you want as the giver of a gift is for the person to dread wearing or using your gift. An occasion piece will prevent this from happening. Consider a cross in black diamond's or a brooch if for the most part the receivers preference would not usually include something as dark as a black diamond.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Shopping Online For Necklaces

Shopping for jewelry and making a decision on what piece to where with what outfits is tricky for many of us. Necklaces are the hardest piece to buy in my own opinion. The length of the necklace is what makes the choice even more difficult. There are some basic guidelines to use when necklace shopping, especially when you are looking for jewelry online or as a gift for someone. Standard necklace chains are sixteen to twenty inches in length. For most people this length of chain will sit between the base of the throat and collarbone area. Personal taste can help determine what length to buy as well.

Tips To Help You Choose The Perfect Length Necklace

1) Most often the perfect size necklace for individuals will be right at or slightly above the collarbone. This can be found by measuring around the individual's neck and adding between two and four inches for the perfect placement. When wearing a necklace with a pendant four inches is most appropriate. However, two inches is better for necklaces that are more artsy.

2) When choosing a choker style necklace you will most likely be purchasing a sixteen inch necklace. If you would like the choker to be tight, an exact fit there are two option; you can purchase a necklace that is adjustable with extra links or measure around the neck and have the choker made to fit.

3) If you are looking for a necklace for a child it is best to look for a jewelry store that sells options smaller than sixteen inches. A fourteen inch necklace is the perfect size for the little ladies in your life.

4) Costume necklaces are incredibly popular with women now-a-days. Costume jewelry allows the purchaser to buy several pieces to mix and match with the occasion and the outfit. Longer necklaces work well with tops with high necks as well as v-necks while shorter necklaces enhance formal attire. A classic look is a sixteen or eighteen inch string of pearls with an elegant little black dress. Match the necklace to the outfit, occasion and personal preference.

5) Where should a necklace fall for men? When thinking about purchasing a necklace for a man it should fall right at the collarbone. I see many men wearing necklaces with meaningful pendants and medallions and along with seeking the right style necklace the perfect length usually measures around eighteen to twenty inches.

Jewelry shopping online has become a more popular option recently. When purchasing a necklace online be sure that if you order something and are disappointed with the fit that it can be returned or exchanged for a different size or style. It can be difficult to visualize the pendant and length of the necklace on an individual when ordering online. Online jewelry purchases can be significantly less expensive. Diamond jewelry, including diamond pendants for your new necklace are significantly cheaper online. Online jewelers are also willing to give buyers a deal for purchasing more than one item at a time. Hint!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What To Look For When Purchasing Jewelry

When buying jewelry it is best to decide a few things before shopping.  It is always wise to set a budget up before you shop for any large purchases, jewelry is not an exception.  Think about the metal and stones you would like as well the brand of the piece if this is important to you.  If you put some thought into the purchase beforehand you are less likely to purchase a piece on impulse.  Many impulse purchase end with unhappy consumers, don’t let this happen to you.

If you have never made a major jewelry purchase it is important to do some research so that you understand the lingo involved in the purchase.  This is especially true when it comes to a purchase such as a diamond engagement ring.  There is a lot to learn about buying diamonds, settings and metal choices of the actual band.

Purchasing a piece of jewelry is becoming just as common online as at the store.  There are a few things to ask and check out whether purchasing online or at a retail location.  The first and most important question to ask and have answered is about the refund and return policy.  This is important for many different reasons.  One of course you want to return a piece if the recipient does not like the piece or it does not fit correctly.  Make sure this is possible no matter where you purchase the jewelry from.

If purchasing pearls you will want to know if you are purchasing natural, cultured or imitation.  This should be reflected in the cost associated with the piece.   With gemstones you will want to know similar information as well.  Find out if the gemstone is natural, lab created or imitations.  This will help to determine that you are properly caring for the piece as stones each have a different way of being cared for.

When purchasing jewelry make sure the company that you are purchasing from is a legitimate jeweler.  This will take some research on your end as well. This is important no matter who you are purchasing the piece from. You will want to determine reputability. Even retailers with large names and store fronts can have bad reputations that should be avoided.

As with any large purchase the more research that is done the better prepared you will find yourself when it comes to making the purchase.  Online purchasing is becoming a way to save a lot of money when it comes to buying jewelry.  The mark up tends to be less as the overhead for online retailers is not as heavy as that of store front jewelers. 

Monday, January 14, 2013

A Gift That Lasts A Lifetime

Jewelry is a gift that lasts a lifetime.  Jewelry is given on many different occasions to signify many different events.  Diamond jewelry is a favorite to receive and can be given for other occasions than just engagements.  The good thing is that truth be told diamond jewelry can be given anytime for any occasion. 

Diamond earrings are a favorite gift to be given to the young ladies in our family on their sixteenth birthdays.  It is a symbol and token of our love and trust.  Families give jewelry to signify many different life events.  Our son will receive a pair of white gold cufflinks and tie tack upon his high school prom.  I like to believe that jewelry is a gift that signifies growing up and moving on.  If we think about it isn’t that what engagement rings and wedding bands are all about?

Custom jewelry can be a special gift.  Something that is semi new to the market is bracelets such as Pandora bracelets where charms can be added that represent the person wearing the piece. The charms come in several styles representing hobbies, colors, vacation destinations, sports and so on that help to define the receiver. 

Antique jewelry is another popular option in jewelry gift pieces. These can be true antique pieces which are found along the way at antique shops or pieces that have been replicated to resemble antique pieces. 

The great thing about jewelry is that as long as you are thinking about the person receiving the piece you should hit a home run.  Jewelry is a gift that keeps on giving!