Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Guide In Choosing An Engagement Ring She Will Love

When considering asking someone to marry you often one of the first items to consider is an engagement ring purchase. So many things go into making sure you purchase a ring she will adore for a lifetime.  There are some basic steps to fool when embarking on this magnificent journey.   Here are some basic things to consider before stepping foot into a jewelry store.

First things first, consider how much you are willing to budget for this expense. Traditionally people have thought that the ring you choose for your bride to be is to cost the equivalent of two months’ salary.  This is traditional approach is not necessarily the approach all grooms to be take to heart.  Set a reasonable budget that is realistic to what you personally can afford.  Remember if your purchase a ring on credit you will have that debt on top of wedding debt starting of your married life.  It is best to wait until you have saved enough to purchase the ring of your dreams for her.

Your soon to be bride will wear this one piece of jewelry for the rest of her life.  It is important that you put a lot of time into researching her likes and dislikes when it comes to jewelry.  Of course the more inconspicuous you make this the better the surprise in the end.  Often times the best advice will come from people close to her.  You may consider enlisting help from her parents or close friends to help you by asking them to take her out on the town and accidentally meander into a jeweler.  She is for sure to be drawn right to the styles she considers worthy.

Another thing to consider is your taste.  Remember that you will most likely be purchasing matching wedding bands later on down the road.  If you despise gold jewelry it is best not to purchase a gold engagement ring.  These are the little aspects of choosing an engagement ring that need to be considered before making the purchase.

Popular and unique engagement ring options for contemporary brides range quite a bit.  One option to consider is the simple, classic single solitaire diamond engagement ring.  This is often the safest purchase if you are completely unsure of what style your bride would like the best.  This option allows her to add a frame for the ring of her choice.

Another option that is also a popular choice is a single diamond set in a setting with minor decorations.  The main characteristic of the ring is still the large center diamond however designs are added around the ring as decoration.  The ring could entail more diamonds or other gemstones that your bride is fond of.  

On top of antique engagement ring settings and the new haloengagement rings that are present and popular a classic setting is a trilogy ring.  This is one of the personal favorites for brides in my family.  The three stone setting represents the past-present and future of your relationship.  The most common cut of stones within this setting are solitaire.  

The bottom line in choosing a piece of jewelry for your bride to be is to make sure you have added thought to the purchase.  Every bride appreciated this.  Also be honest with yourself.  If you can tell immediately that she is not absolutely in love with your choice take her and together look at the options.  In the end most times than not she will get to the store and realize you did indeed make the right choice and will walk out with the same ring she walked in with.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Caring For Your Jewelry Purchases

Jewelry is something that makes the hearts of most for women melt.  From that first special piece we were given to an upgrade in the diamond setting of our beloved wedding ring, jewelry is worn as an expression of ourselves.  When a women steps out wearing a cherished piece of jewelry there is not a person that sees her that does not notice a difference in the way she is carrying herself.  That is just what a cherished piece does.

It is important to care for your pieces to keep them looking pristine.  One thing to remember is to take pieces off when you are in water.  Be it swimming, washing dishes or babies water can damage sentimental pieces.  Chlorinated water, salt water and even soapy water can cause residue build up.  If you are interested in keeping the luster of your jewelry it is important to keep it out of water as much as possible.

Each material used in your jewelry collection needs to be cared for in a unique manner. Each metal and stone type uses a special cleanser.  A good jeweler will ensure you have proper care instructions when you purchase a new piece.  If you have any doubt on how to properly care for your pieces ask a professional jeweler.

Another good tip in retaining the natural presence of your jewelry is to clean the piece often with a damp cloth and then drying it with a dry soft cloth.  Steam and harsh chemicals will ruin jewelry so use caution and care when handling either.

When purchasing expensive pieces, such as an engagement ring or diamond bridal set, most professional jewelers offer bi-yearly examinations of your stones and pieces.  When they are examining the jewelry they will look for loose prongs, metal tarnishing and other flaws.  Many imperfection and flaws caught early enough can be repaired before damage becomes permanent.

Caring for your pieces is as equally important as actually purchasing them.  One important thing to remember when picking out a piece of jewelry is to think about the longevity of the style the piece offers.  If it is a trendier piece that will fall out of style quickly think about alternative materials that are easy to take care of and less expensive.  Silver copper are often great alternatives for purchasing trendy pieces.  Purchasing unique jewelry from artists is a way to get a piece that is unique without spending a ton.

Of course there are times when purchasing a unique piece that is classic and will withstand the test of time with care of course is called for.  One of these times is with the purchase of engagement and bridal jewelry.  These items should be purchased with the best possible materials and stones available within your budget. You need to examine the quality of the stone for a diamond engagement ring as well as the material of the metal part of the ring.

So much goes into the purchase and care of your jewelry.  Heirloom pieces are created without even knowing it.  Taking care of your pieces of jewelry today will make it an incredible piece to hand down for generations.