Monday, August 20, 2012

Sending A Message With Jewelry

Jewelry is one of those words that automatically invoke a variety of feelings.  Jewelry has a wonderful way of expressing feelings not easily spoken.  It celebrates achievements, engagements, marriage and the overall feeling of love in its purest form.  No matter the piece selected or size of the gemstone involved, the piece will be a cherished gift and worn to celebrate the feeling that the recipient had the moment the piece was given.  When looking to purchase a piece of jewelry no matter your price point here are some suggestions on what to look for in the piece itself and the store your purchase it from.

One very important tip to remember when buying jewelry is that purchasing from high-end jewelry stores only buys you the name not a better quality piece.  Resist the temptation to purchase from a supposed high class establishment.  Local jewelers provide quality prices without the high markup involved with purchasing the same pieces at companies that are offering a name brand.  Think about this; how many people that will see or wear the jewelry being purchased and immediately know or be concerned with where it was purchased? 

When purchasing jewelry for you or as a gift for someone consider the person before going into the jewelers.  It is easy to get carried away and overwhelmed when presented with stones, metals and glitz and glamour.  Also, thinking ahead allows you to come up with a budget, a stone selection and style to build from when coming in to make a purchase. 

All three of those objectives are important when considering purchasing jewelry for yourself or someone. Let’s first discuss a budget. When purchasing engagement rings or wedding jewelry in general a consensus was came to that a gentleman should spend the equivalent of two months on a ring for his bride to be. This has been thrown out the window in today’s society.  You buy what you can afford and what is desired.  Many brides are leaning towards vintage pieces while others look towards custom jewelry.  This is why it is important to set a budget that allows you to stay debt free when making a purchase.

The stone selection is another important matter when choosing jewelry.  The right stone should enhance the skin tone of the person wearing the piece while making a statement about the recipient’s personality. Think about choosing a neutral piece that the recipient can wear all the time. We all know that having a beautiful piece of jewelry is worthless if you cannot wear it. 

As for the style of the jewelry this is a huge part of the consideration process.  A person who is very modern and likes the look of clean straight lines might not appreciate a vintage piece and the opposite is true also.  When buying jewelry consider favorite pieces already worn by the receiver.  Are they into custom jewelry, large pieces, ornate jewelry or something small, simple and classic? 

Jewelry is an ideal gift for so many different occasions. Every piece in a recipient’s collection means something considerable to them. Something as important as jewelry should be purchased with thought about the recipient.  It is a gift that means a lot for the giver to give and the receiver to receive.      

A Shopper’s Guide to Purchase Jewelry Online or In-Store

When you are in the market to purchase a piece of jewelry for yourself or someone you love what are the steps you take to ensure you are getting exactly what you desire, at the right price? The very first thing consumers should take into consideration is that shopping around and take a look at all of the options in regards to places you are able to purchase jewelry.  Not every piece needs to be purchased at a large store with trendy mark-ups.  Consider options online and locally to find a piece you will adore for yourself or a gift.  Another tip is to ask family and friends for reputable jewelry stores in your area.  Sometimes there are places that sell jewelry that you would have never considered.
When you find a jewelry store that you are interested in doing business with there are several things to think about.  The first thing you need to do is check out the refund and return policy.  This is an important step.  If you are going to spend this amount of money on a piece as a gift or for yourself you will want to make sure that if you get it home and you find it is not exactly what you wanted or the recipient you want to be able to get a refund or replacement.  Think about if you buy an engagement ring for you soon to be bride that she does not whole heartedly love.  Wouldn’t you want her to be able to get a refund or replacement that fits her style?  She is going to be wearing the piece for a lifetime.
Ask lots of questions! Ask questions about the marking on the metals.  All gold should be marked stating whether the piece is ten carat, twenty four carat etc.  Ask if the pearls that are sold are natural, cultured or imitation.  You are not getting a deal if a pair of imitation pearls from one store is the same price as natural pearls from another. The same is true for gemstones.  You will want to know if you are purchasing a natural, laboratory-created or imitation gemstone before you purchase.  You will also want to know if the gemstone has been treated and whether the change is something permanent or that will need continued special care. 
When you make your final purchase it is important that the sales receipt includes all of the information you relied on when deciding on what piece to purchase.  It is important to have the gems weight and size included as well as grading information and information regarding the metals used to create the piece.
If you are choosing to shop online there are some other important things to consider. It is important to know who you are buying from.  Many companies online are local companies that have online stores acting as subsidiaries.  These stores have store fronts where they also provide jewelry for sale.  Others act as outlets selling the jewelry that was not necessarily a huge seller in the store or that was over produced.  You can check reviews, with the better business bureau and other retail consumer outlets before making a purchase to ensure you are dealing with a reputable business.  Often you can avoid the mark up involved with store fronts by buying online.
Buying a piece of jewelry is fun and exciting.  It is often an expensive purchase. Whether you are considering a piece for yourself as a special treat or for someone special take time to research the terms used within the industry.  You will want to be able to understand exactly what you are purchasing to get the best quality and value.  This is true whether you are purchasing diamonds, in the form of earring or engagement rings from a traditional store, online or a catalog.