Thursday, December 18, 2014

Seasonal Changes With Your Jewelry

Your wardrobe goes through seasonal changes.  Not only the style of clothing you wear but also the colors of the clothing you wear.  This in turn calls for a change in your jewelry wardrobe as well.  We have put together a number of tips to help you when it comes to adding accessories to your attire throughout the seasonal changes.

With the winter season we are all about layers when it comes to our clothing choices.  The season brings in colder temperatures that are accessorized with the sparkling snow and shiny ice.  The focus is on the twinkle and glitter seen throughout the winter season.  This same tone can be taken with your jewelry.  Add that cascading ruby gemstone necklace when getting ready for your holiday party.  Those emerald drop earrings add something unique to any outfit.  Pull out the pieces you have been saving in the back of the Jewerly box.   The winter season is the time to pull out all those special pieces.

The spring season is all about new life and bringing in the freshness of the season.  Spring is most usually associated with the colors of Easter.  Pastel colors and delicate designs are what you will find in jewelry selections for spring.  Think about nature when choosing your spring time jewelry.  Sterling silver looks beautiful when paired with pastel colors.  Look for tear drop earrings, butterfly pendants and pieces inspired by the natural designs of spring coming to life.  Think feminine jewelry paired with spring floral patterns and prints.

Moving into summer we are inspired by the sunshine and water, think vacation.  Explore different textures and materials.  Long layered beads with lots of color are perfect additions to your summertime wardrobe.  Keep away from heavy, over done jewelry when choosing pieces for the summer.

The fall is the perfect time for rich, warm colors.  Choose pieces of jewelry that look well with high necks and fall sweaters.  Statement rings are perfect for the fall.  If you are looking for something a bit more classic go for sterling silver bracelets and pearls.  Gold tones also look amazing with fall colors as well.  Fall is really the time when traditional, classic pieces tend to fit in best with your jewelry wardrobe.

Just remember that your jewelry wardrobe should also match your own personal style.  It is a lot like your clothing.  It is important that you see yourself in everything you wear from accessories to outerwear.

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Jewelry Options For Your Winter Wedding

What could be more gorgeous than a winter bride?  The winter season leaves a blanket of white, glittery snow on the ground and rooftops.  It is an absolutely fabulous time of the year to get married.  Winter weddings are incredibly romantic and tend to be some of the most beautiful.

Winter brides are able to use rich, luxurious color blends while spring and summer brides do better with bright color pallets.  The rich colors that can be used in winter weddings inspire romance. The dark reds, deep greens, navy blues and rich plums against the winter whites white bring out an amazing visual experience.

Winter brides wearing winter white enhanced with a rich pallet need just the right jewelry to help them stand out and perhaps sparkle brightly.  Pearls are a wonderful match for brides hosting a wedding in the winter.  Pearls are a very traditional choice for bridal jewelry.  Pearls all have unique shades all their own that allow them to work well with a variety of skin tones.

If you are a bride that is less than traditional go for something a bit more sparkly.  Swarovski crystals are a wonderful option in bridal jewelry for the bride that is looking for a bit more.  The crystals along with the sparkle of frozen icicles and glistening snow are sure to be show stoppers.
If you wish to blend a bit of traditional with a bit of glitz go for a combination of warm pearls and shimmering Swarovski crystals.  The two together are a perfect combination and work well as winter bridal jewelry.

When planning a winter wedding the bride’s jewelry isn’t the only thing to contemplate.  The bridesmaid’s will be wearing such rich, luxurious colors and their wedding jewelry should be something just as spectacular.  If your bridesmaids are in rich red consider rubies, if you are considering deep green look for rich emeralds.

Winter Christmas colors make beautiful gemstone jewelry.  One option is to choose simple, rich dresses and pair them with sensational gemstone necklaces, drop earrings and bracelets.  The dresses color will speak volumes and only be enhanced with the amazing gemstone tones.  The bridesmaids are sure to look stunning and will only enhance the bride as they are standing beside her.

As a winter bride, let the color pallet of the season guide your overall wedding style.  Winter, snow and ice all add such a special romantic vibe to the air.  The winter season is truly a wonderful time to plan a wedding.  Significance is found all around you throughout the holiday season.  This will only be enhanced by marrying your soul mate and sharing in the spirit of both occasions: a winter wedding and the holiday season.

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