Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Perfect Engagement Ring Setting

Choosing an engagement ring setting is not an easy task.  With all of the options available the decision is one that often becomes quite overwhelming.  Knowing the options available and the types of ring setting that exist is half the battle.  Once you are familiar with the options and choices that are available the tricky part is finding one that will be perfect for your soon to be fiance.  Below is an outline of basic engagement ring settings and will help guide you along the way in choosing the best option for your best friend.

If you are looking into something classic that is ageless and has been around the longest there is no better option than the solitaire setting.  Solitaire engagement rings are traditional and are simple.  The setting does not take anything away from the beauty of the center diamond.  When you have spent time selecting the perfect diamond and find it flawless in every way this setting will be the perfect addition.  It will allow the center diamond to be the focal point.

Adding side stones to a classic solitaire engagement ring setting takes the setting up a notch.  Side stones add a bit of sparkle and extra glamor.  Most often the side stones are diamonds however don’t feel limited by what is the usual.  This is a unique and special piece of jewelry that you will only offer to one person.  Make decisions based on what you know she will love.

Another option that has become increasingly popular is the three stoned engagement ring setting.  The stones are said to represent the past, present and future of your relationship.  This is a sure way to get tears when working the reasons you choose this setting into the proposal.  What women doesn’t melt when you talk about the wonderful past you have had filled with countless memories, the time now you are accruing new memories and all the future times you will have if she says yes!

A tension engagement ring setting is for the trend setting bride.  This setting holds the stone in place without using prongs.  The stone is held in place by creating tension between the stone and metal.  This type of setting is mostly seen in custom jewelry pieces.

Channel engagement ring settings are perfect for women who like the look of a band and not simply a diamond.  This type of setting appears to have a channel dug into the band where stones are placed on either side of the main diamond.  This is a great option for athletic, active women in that the ring is simple on the bottom.  This alleviates the extra worry about stones becoming damaged.

You can see there are so many different options in engagement ring settings.  By doing a little outside research and by listening to the hints your love is giving you the ring you choose will most likely be an obvious choice.  Choose something that is not only elegant and will take her breath away but also takes into consideration her comfort and lifestyle.

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